I set up Green Tambourine over 7 years ago after a very successful period of my life in some of the best agencies working on some amazing accounts. It was a big step, something I didn’t take lightly but when something feels right you’ve just got to go for it. The problem I had at the time was that I’d got to a point in my life (trust me this wasn’t a mid-life crisis) where it all started to mean nothing, getting up in the morning became a drag and having to work late nights for so many years just became, well, just part of what’s expected of you in an agency. For me, I began to question if at all I was adding any value in the corporate circus that we all know.
Green Tambourine was one very late 4.30am drive home. The Lemon Pipers were on the radio and the track was called Green Tambourine. The lyrics just popped out…
“Drop your silver in my tambourine
Help a poor man fill his pretty dream
Give me pennies, I’ll take anything
Now listen while I play
My Green Tambourine”
And that was that… a poor man filling his dream, finding a work life balance. Seeing my wife, working when it suits me. Trusting people to deliver. Green Tambourine was born out of the passion and drive to make a difference, go that extra mile, support talented people and work alongside the community of creatives, coders and bright minds that don’t ever get the recollection they should have.
For those smaller companies or start ups that needed access to talented people rather than talking about projects actually built them. What better way to do that but through a solid freelance network. Support people that work for themselves, have their own businesses because actually, they work bloody hard. Reduce overheads, less ‘bums on seats’ and remove all those unnecessary layers. Create value in a business that offers exactly that.
Now 7 years on we go from strength to strength. So, if you like what you hear and either have a project you want to start or a freelancer who wants regular work then get in contact.